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3 Methods To Effectively Reduce Snoring While You Sleep

Posted by on Nov 26, 2013 in Chronic Snoring | 0 comments

Chronic Snoring Overview

Snoring is a problem that effects just about every human being from time to time. However, if it happens every single night, then it might point to some sort of underlying health issue or life style cause.

Snoring can inhibit a full restful night of sleep, in turn causing daytime fatigue and stress on the body’s immune system. If you suffer from chronic snoring then you should consider treating the condition by using our three methods below. Each method offers a slightly different means of treating chronic snoring. If natural home remedy methods have no affect on your snoring, then you might consider consulting a physician.


3 Methods That Are Proven to Dramatically Reduce Chronic Snoring

(1) The first method to help reduce chronic snoring is to lose weight. It has been proven that people with obesity or weight issues will have much more fatty tissue residing in the back of the throat. By losing even a small amount of weight you can reduce this fatty tissue which will either help to reduce your snoring, or completely stop it all together. Recent research studies have shown that people who are overweight or obese have a 75% higher likelihood of developing chronic snoring.

(2) Your head and neck position during sleep can hugely effect whether or not you snore. If you’re suffering from light to chronic snoring, then you might want to take a second look at your resting head and neck position during sleep.

Doctors that specilize in sleep concur that your head should be roughly 4 inches above the rest of your body during sleep. This elevation process clears your airway by pressing your tongue and lower jaw forward. Elevating your head will also keep mucus and saliva freely flowing into your stomach, as opposed to it pooling in parts of the mouth, throat, and nasal passage.

If your pillow is particularly flat or uncomfortable, then consider buying a specially designed pillow for reduced snoring. There are many different pillow products on the market that are specially designed to prevent snoring, and many of them are doctor approved. They are also generally very affordable, and well worth the sound sleep you’ll be getting at night.

(3) What you eat shortly before bedtime can also affect whether or not your suffer from light to chronic snoring. Caffeinated foods such as chocolate, tea, and coffee are known to cause snoring, as they dilate the blood vessels in the throat and nasal passage, causing an overall tightening affect and reducing air flow.

Dairy products are also known to cause snoring, as they are generally coagulative and mucus forming, thus causing mucus to clog your throat and airways. If you enjoy consuming dairy products before bedtime, then consider non-dairy and non-mucus forming alternatives such as hemp milk, almond milk, or rice milk. They also make non-dairy cheeses and yogurts that will not cause nearly as much mucus forming within the body that leads to snoring. Non-dairy milks, cheeses, and yogurts are also thought to be much healthier for you to consume as well.

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